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‘Dark Hearts’ primé au LANEFF / ‘Dark Hearts’ winner at the LANNEFF

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Rudolf Buitendach, le réalisateur de « Dark Hearts » vient de remporter le « Maverick Filmmaker award» au Festival du Film Neo-Noir de Los Angeles. Une projection spéciale aura lieu au mois d’août. Les tickets sont déjà disponibles ICI.

2015.06.25 Dark Hearts @ LANNEFF (1)

Dark Hearts‘ director Rudolf Buitendach just won the ‘Maverick Filmmaker award’ at LA Neo-Noir Film Festival. There’ll be a special screening in August. Get your tickets HERE.


Nouvelle bande-annonce pour « 88 » / New trailer for « 88 »

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Découvrez la nouvelle bande-annonce du film « 88 » qui sera présenté à Cannes cette année, au Marché du Film.

Watch the new trailer for the « 88 » movie that will be presented this year at the Film Market in Cannes.

Exclu : Regardez « Saul » ! / Exclusive : Watch « Saul » !

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Quelle chance de pouvoir visionner le film à Malte, là où il a été tourné fin 2013. Les paysages sont quelque peu familiers ! Découvrez la version italienne diffusée le 5 avril dernier sur RAI TV.

What a great pleasure to be able to watch the film in Malta, where it has actually been shot end of 2013. The landscape looks so familar ! Watch the Italian version that aired on April 5th on RAI TV.

Toutes les photos du film sont disponibles dans notre galerie. All the photos from the film are now up in our gallery.

Kyle Schmid @ Saul-The journey to Damascus RAI TV (266)


Entrevue avec l’équipe de « Saul » / Interview with the cast of « Saul »

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En prévision de la diffusion du film « Saul » sur TVM le 9 février prochain, découvrez une entrevue de l’équipe du film.

Enjoy this cast and crew interview from the set of « Saul ». TVM will air the movie on February 9.

« 88 » disponible sur Amazon / « 88 » available on Amazon

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Soyez les premiers à découvrir « 88 » : il est disponible sur Amazon en DVD et Blu-ray, même pour ceux qui sont en-dehors des USA.

Ne manquez pas le nouveau film d’April Mullen et Tim Doiron, avec Christopher Lloyd, Katharine Isabelle et Kyle Schmid. Les photos extraites de la bande-annonce sont dans la galerie !

88 Official Trailer 2015 (22)


Be the first one to watch “88” : You can now order the DVD and the Blu-ray exclusively on Amazon, and even if you’re outside US, it ships worldwide !

Starring Christopher Lloyd, Katharine Isabelle and Kyle Schmid, don’t miss April Mullen and Tim Doiron‘s latest movie. Check out all the photos from the trailer !

« Saul » sur RAI TV / « Saul » on RAI TV

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Les droits du film « Saul » viennent d’être vendus à la chaîne italienne RAI TV. La chaîne nationale diffusera le film en 2015 pendant les fêtes de Pâques.
The rights to the film « Saul » have been sold to the Italian channel RAI TV. The national channel will air the 2015 film during the Easter holidays.

EUFF Interview: Tashi Bieler talks about Saul: The Journey To Damascus

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Tashi Bieler is one of the producers of a Canadian-Maltian biblical film about Saul, whose life and faith for everything changed during his journey to Damascus.

During the European Union Film Festival, I had the great pleasure of talking with Tashi Bieler right before the screening of Saul, The Journey To Damascus– about how and where the film was made.

Kyle Schmid @ Saul (Poster)

MMM: How was  the idea of making this film born?

Tashi Bieler: The film actually was circulating for quite a long time, from one producer to another until we finally found a way of having it produced, because sometimes biblical films are expensive to make. Biblical films are sometimes very big for the audience, and people go to see them. So the market was right. That`s why EONE and LEIF FILMS sort of found our way, to come together over various projects; to connect the dots. When EONE came on board, this gave the project the green light. The notion of filming in Malta really came from Mario Azzopardi and attached itself to the film. That really allowed the film to be made at a budget level everyone could afford. When you turn the camera 360 degrees – everything was there.

MMM: What about the cast? Did you already know who would be casted?

Tashi Bieler: No, we went through a casting process. So we used a couple of different casting directors; one from UK, another one in LA, and Canada, and just started looking for an actor, who stood out, to play the role of Saul. So we went to some Canadian actors we already knew from a few other shows. Kyle Schmid was an easy decision, because he is really wonderful; sparkly eyes, and a smart actor. 

MMM: I heard there was an intermission during screening of the film in Malta.

Tashi Bieler: I don`t know what happened during the screening in Malta, because I was not there, but they did have lots of intermissions during the screening in Malta, so people could get up and walk and talk. (laughs)

MMM: Where was the film itself filmed?

Tashi Bieler: It was filmed primarily at Fort Ricasoli, which is one of the key filming locations in Malta. It’s an old Fort that has been used for many different films, including “Gladiator” and the Mini Series, Julius Cesar.  Different parts of the fort were transformed into Roman streets. There is a lot of value in the set; parts are very old, with ancient stone, and rock. And part of the set was built, and leftover, from another show-. so we used both. Dino Banelo, a Maltian designer, drew water painted plants for the set ahead of time. So, you can look at each area of the fort, and see how he transformed it, color wise and space wise.

MMM: What about cinematography?

Tashi Bieler: Russ Goozee is a Canadian cinematographer. He is interesting and was chosen by us because of his extremely varied background. He`s done everything from life doc, to straight up drama and comedies. He also spent quite a lot of time doing docs in Jerusalem and Israel, so he sort of has a sense of that typography and what the Mediterranean quality of life might be. Because, we knew if we brought someone from Canada, we wouldn’t have somebody with the sense of that area and time. That`s how everything started, and then when we got there, he had already worked with the director and with the production designer. He made this all look real.

MMM: What is your expectation from the European Union Film Festival?

Tashi Bieler: Oh, I think it`s wonderful that people actually get to see something  far reaching that was made with Canadian participation, because you would not think that kind of film would be made in Canada.