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La série ‘Six’ démarre le tournage à Wilmington / ‘Six’ begins filming in downtown Wilmington

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Les acteurs et l’équipe de la série « Six » ont filmé ce lundi plusieurs scènes en extérieur à la Poste de Front Street. Le tournage a démarré lundi à 6h du matin (…).
Les huit épisodes de la première saison racontent le quotidien professionnel et personnel des hommes de la Navy SEAL Team Six, dont la mission en 2014 était d’éliminer un des leaders talibans en Afghanistan. La mission s’avère plus compliquée que prévu lorsqu’ils découvrent qu’un citoyen américain travaille avec les terroristes. La série est inspirée de faits réels.
La tête d’affiche de la série produite par « A+E Networks » est Joe Manganiello (« Magic Mike »« True Blood ») dans le rôle de Rip Taggart, leader de l’équipe « SEAL Team Six » et chargé de protéger les habitants d’un village africain contre les terroristes de Boko Haram. Auparavant, il avait déjà filmé 13 épisodes de « One Tree Hill » à WilmingtonBarry Sloane « Revenge », Dominic Adams, Edwin Hodge, Kyle Schmid et Juan Pablo Raba complètent le casting.
Avant d’arriver à Wilmington, l’équipe a passé deux semaines à filmer des scènes militaires à Los Angeles. En février, ils ont suivi un stage de maniement d’armes de guerre pour les scènes d’action tournées sur place.
Dans les prochaines semaines, les acteurs tourneront quelques scènes dans l‘église presbytérienne St. Andrews avec près de 200 figurants ; ils s’arrêteront au Budgetel Inn sur Market Street et filmeront à l’intérieur de la station Union sur le campus du Cape Fear Community College. Le tournage continuera jusqu’en juin 2016.

Kyle Schmid @ 'Six' set by Jay Bird 22.03.2016


The cast and crew of History’s locally filmed military drama “Six” took a cue from the series’ subjects and rose bright and early Monday to film scenes outside of the U.S. Post Office on Front Street. Monday’s shoot, which began at 6 a.m., is one of the first on-location shoots in Wilmington for the production, which started filming late last week (…).

The eight-episode first season follows the personal and professional lives of the men of Navy SEAL Team Six, whose 2014 mission to eliminate a Taliban leader in Afghanistan goes awry when they uncover a U.S. citizen working with the terrorists. The fictionalized series will be inspired by real missions.

The series, produced by A+E Networks, stars “Magic Mike” and “True Blood” alum Joe Manganiello as Rip Taggart, a onetime leader of the SEAL Team Six squad who now protects the residents of an African village from Boko Haram terrorists. He previously filmed 13 episodes of “One Tree Hill” in Wilmington. “Revenge’s” Barry Sloane, Dominic Adams, Edwin Hodge, Kyle Schmidt and Juan Pablo Raba also star.

Before arriving in the Port City, the cast spent two weeks filming militarized scenes in Los Angeles. In February, prop department crews were trained how to handle military weapons for action scenes that will be shot locally.

In the coming weeks, the series will fill St. Andrews Covenant Presbyterian Church with nearly 200 extras for a handful of scenes; stop by the Budgetel Inn on Market Street; and film inside Union Station on Cape Fear Community College’s downtown campus. The series is expected to shoot locally through June.

Source : JDNews 18.03.2016


« Copper » débarque en France / « Copper » arrives on French TV

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Ca y est, la série « Copper » débarque enfin en France ! Après trois ans d’attente et la fin de la série, la saison 1 de « Copper » sera diffusée sur la chaîne 13ème Rue à partir du 20 juin à 22h15 et sera suivie de la saison 2 le 25 juillet. Tous à vos postes !

Kyle Schmid - Robert Morehouse - Copper S2

« Copper » arrives in France ! After 3 years of waiting and the end of the show, season 1 of « Copper » will air on the French TV Channel 13ème Rue. It will start on June 20th, 2015 at 10.15 pm and will be followed by season 2 on July 25th, 2015. See you there !

EUFF Interview: Tashi Bieler talks about Saul: The Journey To Damascus

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Tashi Bieler is one of the producers of a Canadian-Maltian biblical film about Saul, whose life and faith for everything changed during his journey to Damascus.

During the European Union Film Festival, I had the great pleasure of talking with Tashi Bieler right before the screening of Saul, The Journey To Damascus– about how and where the film was made.

Kyle Schmid @ Saul (Poster)

MMM: How was  the idea of making this film born?

Tashi Bieler: The film actually was circulating for quite a long time, from one producer to another until we finally found a way of having it produced, because sometimes biblical films are expensive to make. Biblical films are sometimes very big for the audience, and people go to see them. So the market was right. That`s why EONE and LEIF FILMS sort of found our way, to come together over various projects; to connect the dots. When EONE came on board, this gave the project the green light. The notion of filming in Malta really came from Mario Azzopardi and attached itself to the film. That really allowed the film to be made at a budget level everyone could afford. When you turn the camera 360 degrees – everything was there.

MMM: What about the cast? Did you already know who would be casted?

Tashi Bieler: No, we went through a casting process. So we used a couple of different casting directors; one from UK, another one in LA, and Canada, and just started looking for an actor, who stood out, to play the role of Saul. So we went to some Canadian actors we already knew from a few other shows. Kyle Schmid was an easy decision, because he is really wonderful; sparkly eyes, and a smart actor. 

MMM: I heard there was an intermission during screening of the film in Malta.

Tashi Bieler: I don`t know what happened during the screening in Malta, because I was not there, but they did have lots of intermissions during the screening in Malta, so people could get up and walk and talk. (laughs)

MMM: Where was the film itself filmed?

Tashi Bieler: It was filmed primarily at Fort Ricasoli, which is one of the key filming locations in Malta. It’s an old Fort that has been used for many different films, including “Gladiator” and the Mini Series, Julius Cesar.  Different parts of the fort were transformed into Roman streets. There is a lot of value in the set; parts are very old, with ancient stone, and rock. And part of the set was built, and leftover, from another show-. so we used both. Dino Banelo, a Maltian designer, drew water painted plants for the set ahead of time. So, you can look at each area of the fort, and see how he transformed it, color wise and space wise.

MMM: What about cinematography?

Tashi Bieler: Russ Goozee is a Canadian cinematographer. He is interesting and was chosen by us because of his extremely varied background. He`s done everything from life doc, to straight up drama and comedies. He also spent quite a lot of time doing docs in Jerusalem and Israel, so he sort of has a sense of that typography and what the Mediterranean quality of life might be. Because, we knew if we brought someone from Canada, we wouldn’t have somebody with the sense of that area and time. That`s how everything started, and then when we got there, he had already worked with the director and with the production designer. He made this all look real.

MMM: What is your expectation from the European Union Film Festival?

Tashi Bieler: Oh, I think it`s wonderful that people actually get to see something  far reaching that was made with Canadian participation, because you would not think that kind of film would be made in Canada.

EUFF Review: “Saul: The Journey To Damascus”

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There was a time when people used to live and breathe for what they believed in. Religion divided society into two categories; those who believe in God, but not the Son of God, and those who believe in God, and in his Son as well. Saul: The Journey To Damascus takes place just after Jesus`s crucifixion, when those who start to follow him lose their lives, while the others continue their journey to Damascus, to spread the word of God, and his Son’s word.  But one man, Saul of Tarsus, strongly disagrees that Jesus was the Messiah, or the son of God, and willingly sentences anyone to death if they admit that they are one of his followers. A fateful accident will make him believe in what he has denied all the time- his blindness.

Kyle Schmid @ Saul - The journey to Damascus 2014

Saul: The Journey To Damascus begins with Stephen (Dan Cade), who has been sentenced to death by stoning for his faith in the Son Of God. Even though Johanna (Brittany Bristow) and Ester (Larissa Bonaci) try to stop the execution, Saul (Kyle Schmid, A History Of Violence, Copper) is steadfast in his decision. But before Stephen dies, he forgives Saul for what he has done. Being a dedicated leader and an ardent fighter for his faith and traditions, Saul follows the group of people, along with Mary Magdalene (Emmanuelle Vaugier), Johannah (Brittany Bristow) and Addai (Callum Blue).

And the twelve, along with Johanna and Mary Magdalene, decide to go to Damascus, where they can spread the word of Jesus, and escape from Saul, who tries to hunt them down. But while on this mission, Saul, who denies the existence of the Son of God, is blinded. However, during his blindness, Saul starts seeing and understanding more than when he was sighted. Once Saul joins the Christians, he must escape his former allies who want him pay the ultimate price for his “betrayal” – death.

Saul a Journey to Damascus by Cesco Bonello-Set  2013 (6)

« Saul: The Journey To Damascus » is an epic Biblical movie, directed by Mario Azzopardi. This is not the first time he has touched upon a religious subject in film; the first one was “Savage Messiah”, with Polly Walker. In his new film, made for TV, Azzopardi does not try to make a Hollywood style Biblical film, but rather concentrates on the story without overloaded or unnecessary distracting scenes which can take the audience away from the entire story. The costume and cinematography of “Saul: The Journey To Damascus” is fascinating enough, since this film was made for TV. The entire cast also does a good job delivering a convincing performance.

The film does not lose its meaning and manages to keep the audience interested in the story, even though some of them might take the subject matter too personal, due to religious reasons.

Despite the fact this is a sensitive subject, Azzopardi`s film does not aim to change the audience`s opinion on certain things, such as when Saul, even though he accepts the existence of God, shows no mercy to anyone who follows Jesus Christ. The important message that is delivered in « Saul: The Journey To Damascus » is, it does not matter what you believe in, as long as your faith doesn’t harm anyone, and brings nothing but purity, acceptance and love.

Source : Movie Moves Me (30/11/2014)

Indulge Magazine : Start sudded Saul / Les débuts de Saul

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For those who have an appetite for films and TV series with biblical musings comes Saul: The Journey to Damascus, complete with all the semi-necessary epic tones of valiant warriors of the Christian faith – just in time for Easter.

Kyle Schmid @ Saul - The Journey To Damascus-Trailer (5)

Set to première worldwide on Wednesday, April 16th at the Eden Cinemas, the Maltese/Canadian film production, directed by Mario Philip Azzopardi, chronicles the conversion of Saul, marking his journey from butcher to leader of the faith. Played by Kyle Schmid, whose blue eyes have also made an appearance on none other than Being Human and Lost Girl, Saul’s controversial trajectory begins with the stoning of a man whose last words whispered forgiveness, an event which starts to haunt his every waking moment. As he journeys to Damascus, a sandstorm hits and lands him into a period of acute blindness. A miracle ensues, and he starts seeing the followers of the Nazarene as the true believers beholding the true faith. This permits him to escape his blind faith in the teachings of the Temple that is led by Caiaphas (John Rhys-Davies, probably best known for his performance of everyone’s favorite dwarf, Gimli, in The Lord of the Rings).

Stocked with a curious mélange of traditional Maltese scenic routes, and with an equally unique casting of Maltese actors like John Suda, Larissa Bonaci and Malcolm Ellul, Azzopardi’s contemporary retelling of Saul’s rebirth as Paul hits cinema 16 coming Wednesday, 16th April.

Source : Indulge Magazine 15.04.2014

« Saul » : Entrevue avec le réalisateur Mario Azzopardi / « Saul » : Interview with Director Mario Azzopardi

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Le réalisateur Mario Azzopardi explique comment « Saul, the road to Damascus », qui était initialement prévu pour la télévision, sera aussi diffusé dans les salles de cinéma du monde entier. « Pendant le tournage du film, le distributeur E-One a pris la décision de le distribuer au cinéma mais aussi à la TV. »

« Saul, the road to Damascus » aura sa première mondiale à Malte au Cinéma Eden le 19 avril. Le film sera ensuite diffusé au Canada le dimanche de Pâques et par la suite dans près de 500 cinémas américains. En outre, Mario Azzopardi explique comment les négociations avancent en vue d’une distribution internationale. « Nous avons déjà obtenu les droits pour le Brésil, et nous essayons également de percer le marché chinois. »

Mario Azzopardi, dont le premier film maltais était le controversé « Gagga » en 1971, a établi de nombreux contacts au fil des années qui lui ont permis de développer « Saul ». « Saul est une coproduction maltaise et canadienne », dit-il. « Nous avons beaucoup investi localement, grâce au Canadian Film Fund, E-One, ainsi qu’avec l’aide de la Malta Film Commission. Vous remarquerez que les acteurs et l’équipe sont maltais et canadiens. »

Kyle Schmid @ Saul - The journey to Damascus 2014
Director Mario Azzopardi explains how « Saul The Journey to Damascus », which was originally planned for release solely on TV, is now going to be released in cinemas around the world. “While the film was still being made, worldwide distributors E One took the decision to distribute in cinemas around the world as well as TV.”

Saul The Journey to Damascus will have its worldwide premiere locally at Eden Century cinemas on the 19th of April. It will then be premiered in Canada on Easter Sunday, and subsequently in around 500 cinemas in the USA. Moreover, Mario Azzopardi explains how negotiations are still underway to further increase the film’s theatrical reach. “We’ve already secured distribution for Brazil, and we’re working on pushing Saul to the Chinese Market as well.”

Mario Azzopardi, whose first actual film was Maltese (the controversial Gagga in 1971) has made widespread contacts over the years, which have put him in a great position when developing Saul. “Saul The Journey to Damascus was made in a co-production effort between Malta, and Canada”, he notes. “It was heavily invested upon locally, by the Canadian film fund, as well as E One distribution, with constant assistance by the Malta Film Commission. You will notice how the cast and crew is both Maltese and Canadian.” (…)

Source : Eyeskreen (08/04/2014)

Emily Andras nous révèle les secrets de ‘Waves- / ‘Lost Girl’ Talk : Emily Andras on “Waves”

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Hope you made like Lauren and packed your super flattering bathing suits, Faenatics ! Because this week’s ‘Lost Girl Talk’ is taking you under the sea ! That is, it’s going to take a deeper look into this week’s mermaid-themed episode, “Waves.” Dive into the full post-ep Q&A below for talk of Tamsin (when will she be back and who will she be with ?), mermaid hairstyling (to crimp or not to crimp ?) and the hand(s) that could rule (or is it kill ?) them all.

 Source : The Loop

Kyle Schmid - Lost Girl Talk

– Aside from the ending, this episode was fairly lighter than the last few. Is this the calm before the storm? Will we get any more case of the week episodes before the finale ?
– I don’t want to say this is the last case of the week, but this is definitely the calm before the storm. A whole lot of storm.

– Moving on to Bo. You didn’t show the physical reactions that everyone had after Bo and Rainer arrived together last week. Was that something you shot and cut out, or did you always want that moment to happen in Bo’s head ?
– I think we always wanted it in Bo’s head because we wanted the misdirect of when you see Bo she’s covered in blood and then we hear the reactions from her friends and family, and for a moment, we want to think, ‘Oh my gosh, is she under this guy’s influence? Have they done something awful to someone we know and love ?’

When you end with an ending like 409 and she shows up with this hunky guy and says, ‘He’s my destiny,’ I think everybody expects something when they come back from the next episode. I know it drives fans crazy, but I love upending those expectations. You wanna stick around to see what’s happening here.

– The hand that we saw grabbing at the origin seed at the end of the episode appeared battered. Would you say this hand had been in battle recently ?
– In battle … or maybe making an omelet. I’m not going to say anything about that hand ! But whomever that hand is attached to is bad news.

– Can you confirm or deny whether Rainer was home with Bo in the last scene ?
– I can neither confirm or deny any of that !

– The title of next week’s episode is “End of the Line”. Does that hint to a possible full stop moment in terms of Bo’s understanding of Rainer, the train and/or Trick’s involvement in it all ?
– I would say some things and some people definitely come to a full stop… We go into the backstory a bit. We find out more about one of our beloved characters, Kenzi, in a very rewarding manner. And if you thought this week’s ending was crazy, you’ll want to stick around for next week’s ending ! (…)