Emily Andras nous révèle les secrets de ‘Waves- / ‘Lost Girl’ Talk : Emily Andras on “Waves”

Hope you made like Lauren and packed your super flattering bathing suits, Faenatics ! Because this week’s ‘Lost Girl Talk’ is taking you under the sea ! That is, it’s going to take a deeper look into this week’s mermaid-themed episode, “Waves.” Dive into the full post-ep Q&A below for talk of Tamsin (when will she be back and who will she be with ?), mermaid hairstyling (to crimp or not to crimp ?) and the hand(s) that could rule (or is it kill ?) them all.

 Source : The Loop

Kyle Schmid - Lost Girl Talk

– Aside from the ending, this episode was fairly lighter than the last few. Is this the calm before the storm? Will we get any more case of the week episodes before the finale ?
– I don’t want to say this is the last case of the week, but this is definitely the calm before the storm. A whole lot of storm.

– Moving on to Bo. You didn’t show the physical reactions that everyone had after Bo and Rainer arrived together last week. Was that something you shot and cut out, or did you always want that moment to happen in Bo’s head ?
– I think we always wanted it in Bo’s head because we wanted the misdirect of when you see Bo she’s covered in blood and then we hear the reactions from her friends and family, and for a moment, we want to think, ‘Oh my gosh, is she under this guy’s influence? Have they done something awful to someone we know and love ?’

When you end with an ending like 409 and she shows up with this hunky guy and says, ‘He’s my destiny,’ I think everybody expects something when they come back from the next episode. I know it drives fans crazy, but I love upending those expectations. You wanna stick around to see what’s happening here.

– The hand that we saw grabbing at the origin seed at the end of the episode appeared battered. Would you say this hand had been in battle recently ?
– In battle … or maybe making an omelet. I’m not going to say anything about that hand ! But whomever that hand is attached to is bad news.

– Can you confirm or deny whether Rainer was home with Bo in the last scene ?
– I can neither confirm or deny any of that !

– The title of next week’s episode is “End of the Line”. Does that hint to a possible full stop moment in terms of Bo’s understanding of Rainer, the train and/or Trick’s involvement in it all ?
– I would say some things and some people definitely come to a full stop… We go into the backstory a bit. We find out more about one of our beloved characters, Kenzi, in a very rewarding manner. And if you thought this week’s ending was crazy, you’ll want to stick around for next week’s ending ! (…)


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