Kyle Schmid décroche un rôle majeur dans ‘Lost Girl’ / Kyle Schmid lands major ‘Lost Girl’ role

‘Copper’ actor reflects on landing major ‘Lost Girl’ role
Source : TV Guide Canada

If you’ve watched Sunday’s episode of Lost Girl, you finally know who Kyle Schmid — formerly of Copper, Being Human and Blood Ties — was cast as. So, it should come as no shock that he wasn’t exaggerating when he once described his arrival as “an incredible moment” for the Showcase series.

Kyle Schmid - Lost Girl

It’s definitely a pinnacle for the show and the season,” Schmid told TV Guide Canada of his infamous Rainer (a.k.a. The Wanderer), during a set visit last year. “He’s a catalyst that kind of pushes relationships and histories to their max, to their breaking point.”

At the time, Schmid was sworn to secrecy about his role, even unable to mention Rainer’s name. But he was very open about how major he thought the part was, and not just in terms of the show’s Season 4 arc.

This was an opportunity to be in the sci-fi world but not play a vampire again and be on a show that I like personally,” he said during the one-on-one chat. “Although I think there are some similarities to who he is [and those other characters were] — he’s a strong character, a strong-willed character — it is a different world and a time and place and different writers. It will be a fresh face for my body of work, and also for the show.

Luckily, from the sounds of it, being the new guy on the Lost Girl block didn’t stop him from fitting in with the cast and crew near-immediately.

They see me and run in the opposite direction !Schmid joked, before adding, “Everyone’s really cool. I’ve met Kris, who, as you know, is just a stand up guy, before, and Anna’s really easy to work with. She’s been on a show for five years and she’s really unassuming.

He added, “Everyone’s been really welcoming, so I don’t feel like a stranger.”

Seeing as his name was then unspoken, Schmid couldn’t really discuss Rainer’s journey through the rest of Season 4. But he just seemed grateful for the plum material that Emily Andras and the rest of Lost Girl’s behind-the-scenes team have given him to work with.

I’ve been trying to sit down with some of the writers and figure out where he’s going and who he is,” Schmid said at the time. “It’s really nice feeling to be brought onto a show like this to play a character whose reputation has been built for years now.


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