Kyle Schmid : entrevue pour Jeannie Musick

Kyle a récemment donné une entrevue pour le blog de Jeannie. Il évoque ses différents rôles de vampires dans « Blood Ties » et « Being Human« . Retour vers deux rôles qui l’ont consacré sur le petit écran…

Kyle Schmid by Denise Grant 2012

JEANNIE : I believe you were 23 when you began the role of Henry Fitzroy in Blood Ties. In real life, Henry died at the age of 17. Alors, you were a 23-year-old playing a 488-year-old vampiric 17-year-old, if that makes any sense. As an actor, how did you play both the youth and the age ?

KYLE : The youth wasn’t something that I focused as I find age doesn’t necessarily reflect wisdom or inner depth. I focused on the years of which Henry had lived. The weight of those years and how they played a part in who he had become presently at the time of the show.

JEANNIE : I noticed that you had the pocket watch that you used to connect yourself to an older mentality. Were there other tools that you used in that way  ?

KYLE: Wardrobe for me has always been something that transforms me with any character. The set design of Henry’s apartment was beautiful…fit for a king (or son of). There were other props as well. His ring and a leather dog tag necklace were pieces of his history that he refused to let go. I imagined the ring had been his father’s and the leather dog tag a memento of a long past war (…).

JEANNIE : What have your vampires given you? What did playing Henry Fitzroy given you? What did playing Henry Durham give you ?

KYLE : Playing those characters has given me a lot. Not only have I learned so much about the business, acting and myself but the introduction to the syfy world fan base is something that I’ll always be thankful for (…).

Lisez l’entrevue complète ICI.


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