Entrevue de Kyle pour « Assignment X »

Kyle a réalisé une entrevue avec le magazine web « Assignment X » lors du la présentation officielle de Copper à New York le 15 août dernier. Il y parle bien sûr de la série, mais aussi de « Blood Ties » et « Being Human ».

ASSIGNMENT X: You seem to be doing a lot of period characters lately. Last season on BEING HUMAN, you were in the present and the Thirties and World War One, and now you’re in COPPER in 1864 New York. So you’re going backwards in time, actually.

SCHMID: Yeah, from World War One to 1864. [The Civil War] still going on. Parts of it lasted for years upon years even afterwards. The South rebelled. It was a very troubled period of time.

AX: What is Robert Morehouse’s connection to Kevin Corcoran, the COPPER of the title?
SCHMID: I met Kevin Corcoran during our time in the Civil War. My bond with Dr. Matthew Freeman [Ato Essandoh] developed then as well. So the three of us have this steel, impenetrable bond that [formed] during the traumatic experience that happened while we were over there. Now, I think Morehouse as a character, with that experience, decided that the life of Fifth Avenue and industrialism and making money off of the war and so many other negative things that were happening during that time period wasn’t exactly who he wanted to be, and he found a new moral compass that is guiding him to make some more difficult decisions in his life.

AX: Did the three characters all know they were all going to see each other back in Five Points, or were they surprised when they met up again after their wartime experiences?

SCHMID: Well, that’s the thing. Our walks of life never would have crossed before the war for any reason. There’s no reason why I would ever have been in Five Points, or ever have met any of those characters. Those social divides were very serious divides back then. So that meeting and going back to Five Points – it was circumstance, it was chance that we all came from the same place, but so many of these units during the Civil War were [composed of people from the same geographic area] – the Seventy-First Infantry, they were all New Yorkers. Those infantries were all from certain places. So people knew each other, they felt like they were fighting with one another for a cause.

Lisez l’entrevue complète ICI.


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