Entrevue avec Rudolf Buitendach

Découvrez Rudolf Buitendach, le réalisateur de « Dark Hearts » et son étonnant parcours.

Interview with ‘Dark Hearts’ film director Rudolf Buitendach

Source : The South African

(..) South African director Rudolf Buitendach’s first feature film, Dark Hearts, is in London, nominated in the Best International Film category at the Raindance Film Festival.

‘The film is what I’d call a neo-noir’,’ says Buitendach. ‘It’s about artists who are willing to give their blood for art. It is not horror or vampire or slasher. I call it “neo-noir’”. It’s more like Blue Velvet and True Romance. Very stylish.’

The TV star Kyle Schmid plays the lead, Colson, an artist struggling to make it in the downtown LA art scene. Kinski is a dancer who becomes his powerful muse. Prodded by an influential gallery owner to push his work that much further, Colson stumbles across the perfect red and the power of painting in blood.

For the cast, which includes X Men’s Lucas Till, they saw an intriguing mix of sons and daughters of stars, like sons of Jean-Claude van Damme and Peter O’Toole, daughters of Kinski and Martin Landau, even the granddaughter of Elvis Presley.

“We shot in 17 and a half days in downtown LA, which has a buzzing art scenes and a great industrial background,” says Buitendach. ‘We were on a very tight budget of $1m and had to move fast.’

Buitendach, 43, has been moving fast in the film industry for some time. Born in Vereeniging, he went to Pretoria University and did three years at film school at the Technicon there. Jamie Uys, who made The Gods Must Be Crazy, was his external examiner (…).



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