Entrevue avec Alexis Varouxakis, producteur de « Dark Hearts »

Découvrez Alexis Varouxakis, d’Adrenaline Entertainment, l’un des producteurs de « Dark Hearts » :

« The Raindance Film Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary in London this year, and one of the most exciting independent films included in this year’s line-up is the feature film ‘Dark Hearts’, produced by Adrenaline Entertainment, the company of Greek producer Alexis Varouxakis. The film is a UK-US co-production directed by Rudolf Buitendach, that includes several rising young stars such as Kyle Schmid, Lucas Till and Sonja Kinski.

‘Dark Hearts’ tells the story of a dangerous and unusual love affair that takes place in the underground art scene of Los Angeles. The film focuses on themes of love and deception, and has a dark, urban vibe that adds to the story’s intensity. We interviewed Alexis Varouxakis to get his perspective on the film and the business side of independent filmmaking.

What attracted you to the project ‘Dark Hearts’ in the first place?

I liked the fact that it was an edgy thriller, which I think the young generation today will respond to. The same kids who watched ‘Twilight’ have grown up now and will want something with a little more edge, which ‘Dark Hearts’ definitely has. Also, the film shows a gritty but artistic side of Los Angeles that is rarely seen in films that take place in this city » (…).

Lisez l’article complet sur Greek Reporter.


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