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Kyle Schmid to play another vampire named Henry on Being Human (Lexington Vampire Examiner 23/11/11)

I loved a show that got cancelled (Experience Project 26/10/11)

Being Human snags Kyle Schmid  (Snarkerati 26/09/11)

Kyle Schmid joins Syfy’s ‘Being Human’ (Digital Spy 26/09/11)

Da Settembre horror channel il canale da paura di sky (Fanpage TV 04/08/11)

Terro bajo la nieve – cienca ficcion o cuando el destino nos alcance ? (432 Magazine 16/01/11)

Terror bajo la nieve (Diario AZ 10/01/11)

Terror bajo la nieve (CinemaKi Mexico 05/01/11)

Gumshoes of the night (Vampires.com 04/01/11)

Kyle Schmid voted the sexiest man in the vampire realm for 2010! (Vampire Examiner 01/01/11)

« Terror bajo la nieve », un « ecothriller » (Esto 31/12/10)

Tanya Huff talks about the Blood Books and her work (Twilight Fans 13/12/10)

Development Update: Thursday, December 9 – The Futon Critic (09/12/10)

Syfy Tries To Find New Format, Length For Three Inches (Spinoff Online 09/12/10)

Syfy considers ‘Three Inches’ changes (Digital Spy 09/12/10)

Let the nominations begin for the sexiest man in the vampire realm ! (Vampire Examiner 31/10/10)

Get ready to cast your nominations for the sexiest man in the vampire realm (Vampire Examiner 30/10/10)

Funding problems delay Alberta-shot First World War film Four Saints (Calgary Herald 26/10/10)

Will Kyle Schmid keep the title next year ?(KS Examiner 24/10/10)

Vampire characteristics – What exactly sucks us in ? (Vampire Examiner 22/10/10)

Lorena Rincon, Rhona Mitra, Selma Blair, and Melanie Lynskey to Star in FOUR SAINTS (Collider 20/10/10)

‘Four Saints’ marches to production (Variety 20/10/10)

Critique du Film Fear Island (Strange Movies 20/10/10)

Critique Fear Island – L’Ile Meurtrière (Avenue de l’Horreur 19/10/10)

Keyframe Digital Grows Three Inches, Degrassi and X111 (Digital Producer 18/10/10)

Cast your vote for the ultimate hawt vampire (KS Examiner 24/09/10)

Requesting Nominations for Vampire Wire’s New Ultimate Hawt Vampire Poll & Contest (Vampire Wire 15/09/10)

Two vampire favorites in new SyFy pilot (Memphis Vampire Examiner 28/08/10)

Syfy announces ‘Three Inches’ cast (Digital Spy 27/08/10)

Syfy pilot “Three Inches” casts James Marsters, Andrea Martin, Stephanie Jacobsen, Antony del Rio, Naoko Mori, Kyle Schmid and Brandon Jay McLaren (Seaside TV 26/08/10)

Syfy’s Three Inches Completes Casting – With Tons of Genre Cred ! (Eclipse Magazine 26/08/10)

Syfy Pilot “Three Inches” Casts James Marsters, Andrea Martin, Stephanie Jacobsen & More (TV by the Numbers 26/08/10)

Fear Island en DVD (Avenue de l’Horreur 26/08/10)

Fear Island sortie DVD (Oh My Gore 25/08/10)

New Cochrane couple to produce $12 M First World War epic (Cochrane Eagle 24/08/10)

Canucks signed to Syfy series (Playback 23/08/10)

Vampire Adaptations : Better Reading or Viewing? (Daemon’s TV 19/08/10)

Kyle Schmid in SyFy’s Three Inches (KS Examiner 17/08/10)

Filmmakers return to Calgary; is struggling local movie industry set to rebound ? Calgary Herald (16/08/10)

Noah Reid To Star In SyFy’s ‘Three Inches’ (Deadline 05/08/10)

Happy 26th birthday Kyle Schmid ! (KS Examiner 02/08/10)

Diary of a Blood Ties Virgin (Clique Clack 21/07/10)

RingCon 2010 : Europas größte Fantasy Convention (Fiction Box 16/07/10)

Before there was Twilight – Interview #1 with author Tanya Huff (Memphis Vampire Examiner 18/06/10)

Author Tanya Huff says Kyle Schmid nailed the character Henry Fitzroy (Kyle Schmid Examiner 18/06/10)

Kyle Schmid as D’Artagnan in the new Three Musketeers movie ? (Kyle Schmid Examiner 22/05/10)

Who is this Kyle Schmid ? (Kyle Schmid Examiner 20/05/10)

Film by Fredericton’s Tim Doiron being released on DVD on Tuesday, May 18 (DailyGleaner 17/05/10)

Four Saints: A WWI Feature Drama (Pantheon TV 13/05/10)

Fours Saints (Directors Guild of Canada 05/2010)

Chatanooga Choo-Choo Guest Blogger (The Dark of the Matinee 11/05/10)

Review : GravyTrain (Waisted Heart 09/05/10)

Madcap movie takes to the street (Edmonton Journal 07/05/10)

Review : GravyTrain (Montreal Gazette 07/05/10)

GravyTrain : a generous helping of ’70s style (Vue Weekly 06/05/10)

Indie Filmmakers Riding The Gravy Train (See Magazine 06/05/10)

Weekly round-up (Montreal Mirror 06/05/10)

GravyTrain world premiere tonight (RGB Filter 23/04/10)

GravyTrain Interview (Mr Movies Online 22/04/10)

Ryerson grads hit the GravyTrain with second film (Inside Toronto 22/04/10)

GravyTrain opens in Toronto (Toronto Film Scene 22/04/10)

April Mullen on the move with GravyTrain  (Niagara Falls Review 22/04/10)

Is ‘GravyTrain’ The Next Great Canadian Cult Comedy? (City News 22/04/10)

The Life of the Canadian Filmmaker (Communities Canada 21/04/10)

Gravy Train (Eye Weekly 21/04/10)

Tanya Huff’s « Smoke » series moving to the small screen (SF Scope 13/04/10)

From vampire to Musketeer? (Memphis Vampire Examiner 11/04/10)

‘Smoke and Mirrors’ for Fremantle Corp. (Hollywood Reporter 08/04/10)

Fremantle’s vampire flies to Cannes (C21 Media 08/04/10)

Syfy backdoor pilot order: Three Inches, by Harley Peyton (Life on the Bubble 17/03/10)

Vampire, Sex und Hüftgelenke ! (ZeitJung 15/03/10)

Film in televisione: “Radio killer 2-fine della corsa” (New Notizie 05/03/10)

Blood Ties: The Complete Series Coming in April – A Top Story This Week (Anti Music 26/02/10)

Some choice leftovers from 2009 (Sun Herald 25/02/10)

The best vampire couple- Twilight/ Moonlight/True Blood and more (Lexington Vampire Examiner 14/02/10)

* A vampire with a cause – Love Cures Cancer (Memphis Vampire Examiner 07/02/10)

Apologies and GravyTrains (Rhymes with Tyler 13/01/10)

Blood Ties – A show with a devoted fan base (Memphis Vampire Examiner 03/01/10)

* There is a new vampire in town and Henry is his name ! (Memphis Vampire Examiner 01/01/10)

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