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Toute la presse écrite : entrevues, revue de presse internationale, reportages sur les tournages & critiques de films !

Kyle Schmid - Revue de Presse

Rotimi Rainwater set to direct Four to the Floor (Sane PR 29/12/09)

Vote for the sexiest man in the vampire realm! (Memphis Vampire Examiner 26/12/09)

10 TV shows to feed your ‘Twilight’ craving before the ‘New Moon’ premiere (Tucson TV Examiner 20/10/09)

Bericht RingCon 2009 (RTL2 10/09)

Kyle Schmid bei der RingCon – Veni, Vidi, Vici (Suite101 06/10/09)

Auch ein Vampir freut sich auf Spätzle (Rundschau Online 04/10/09)

* Kyle Schmid – Peak Performance (SciFi & TV Talk 03/10/09)

MovieSet Spotlight: ‘Deep Cove’ a.k.a ‘Fear Island’ (Movie Set 19/09/09)

Blood Ties Differs From Blood Books (SciFiTV Suite101 13/09/09)

Blood Ties the Books Behind the TV Series (SciFiTV Suite101 13/09/09)

The Thaw DVD  (Killer Reviews 2009)

* Conocimos al vampiro (La Prensa Grafica 21/07/09)

* « Vampiro » recorrió El Salvador (Diario de Hoy 20/07/09)

Entre detectives y vampiros (Diario de Hoy 19/07/09)

Blood Ties – TV’s Other Vampire Series (SciFiTV Suite 101 19/07/09)

« Blood Ties » Review: Take a Bite Out of This One (Herald Dispatch 11/07/09)

Fanged Fiction: Lifetime’s ‘Blood Ties’ (Express Night Out 29/06/09)

Movie Review: ‘Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead’ (K.C. Movie Examiner 12/06/09)

Interview Tanya Huff (SciFi Guy 04/06/09)

The Question and the Answer (Hey Writer Boy 22/05/09)

Kyle Schmid Portrays a 480-Year-Old Vampire (News Blaze 21/05/09)

Kyle Schmid saca los colmillos en Blood Ties (Animax 30/03/09)

Joy Ride 2  : Dead Ahead (The Horror Geek 08/01/09)

* Kyle Schmid : From Blood Ties to Deep Cove (Teen Scene 27/01/09)

Blood Ties: RTL II verschiebt erfolglose Serie ins Nachtprogramm (Serien Junkies 23/01/09)

RTL II präsentiert die Vampir-Serie « Blood Ties – Biss aufs Blut » (RTL2 23/10/08)

« Blood Ties – Biss aufs Blut » – Der nächste Detektiv-Dracula (Yahoo 09/10/08)

Gravy Train rolls into downtown Niagara Falls (Clifton Hill 01/10/08)

Nach langer Wartezeit bringt nun RTL II die Vampirserie “Blood Ties” auch in deutsche Wohnzimmer (Lieblingsserie 17/09/08)

A question of torture (Vanity Fair 09/09/08)

Joy Ride 2 : Dead Ahead, DVD specs and artwork (Beyond Hollywood 05/08/08)

Stars Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene To Reunite For The Film ‘Strife’ (MTV 28/07/08)

Schmid and Song set to thaw (Dread Central 26/06/08)

The Thaw: Director Mark A. Lewis (Bloody Disgusting 2008)

* An interview with actor Kyle Schmid (Juin 08)

The question and the answer (Hey Writer 22/05/08)

Chills run Deep in this thriller (Canada.com 14/05/08)

Une virée en enfer 2 : le retour du méchant chauffard (Oh My Gore 01/04/08)

Interviews from the set of Joy Ride 2 (Movie Web 20/11/07)

Blood Ties Season 2 Premiere (Corriere della Fantascienza 26/10/07)

Joy Ride: End of the Road – B-D Visits the Set in Vancouver! (Bloody Disgusting 07/10/07)

Blood Ties : an interview with Tanya Huff (Vampire Paradise 22/08/07)

Tanya Huff’s Blood Ties slashes at the small screen (Imagining Toronto 21/08/07)

* Schmid sinks his teeth into starring role (Mississauga News 20/08/07)

* Schmid thirsty to make his mark (JAM Canoe 20/08/07)

SPACE Announces the Winners of The 2007 SPACEY Awards (Space 10/06/07)

Space announces its fall 2007 programming highlights (Channel Canada 05/06/07)

Blood Ties : An interview with Peter Mohan (Vampire Paradise 27/05/07)

Interview with Tanya Huff (FireFox News 10/04/07)

More Sneak Peeks Into ‘Blood Ties’ (FireFox News 10/04/07)

* Kyle Schmid talks about his portrayal (Starry Mag 04/2007)

TV Review: Blood Ties – A Promising Start (Blog Critics 20/03/07)

New Vampire Series, « Blood Ties » Premiers on Lifetime (Associated Content 20/03/07)

Review – Blood Ties (FireFox News 12/03/07)

Behind the Scenes of « Blood Ties » (After Ellen 07/03/07)

Interview Tanya Huff (Onirik 03/2007)

Le retour des vampires (Eparsa 27/02/07)

Death Row (Horreur Web 2006)

Review – Haunted Prison (Fear Scene 28/10/06)

Interview: Kevin Vanhook, director Haunted Prison (Monsters & Critics 13/10/06)

TV Preview: Haunted Prison on the Sci-Fi Channel (Blog Critics 09/10/06)

Review – Haunted Prison (Dread Central 2006)

Death Row review (Sex Gore Mutants 2006)

A history of violence – Edition Prestige DVD (Ecran Large 13/07/06)

A history of violence – Guest review (Eccentric Cinema 05/04/06)

* Canadian actors (Flare 13/02/06)

Sisterhood Trumps the Brotherhood (Film Stew 12/06/05)

* Kyle Schmid interview from the Premiere of « Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants » (About.com 01/06/05)

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Variety 29/05/05)

CTV Original Movie Fast Food High chronicles one teenager’s drive for workplace unionization (CTV Media Site 31/01/03)

New CTV movie dramatizes teen fight to unionize local fast-food franchise (Kootenaycuts 23/02/03)

* Rising Stars (2002)

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